The Awkward First Post.

How do you write a first blog post? Am I meant to write something witty, something informative, something life changing, something hilarious? I have no clue, so bear with me while I wrestle through this post. I have a list of ideas of posts I want to write, photo’s I want to post, recipes I want to share with you guys (and by “you guys” I mean the potential reader that stumbles upon my blog). However, I thought it would be a bit odd to jump straight into it, so instead, I thought I would write an introduction post.

So here it is. Welcome; this is me introducing myself and my blog to the world. If you go to my “about page” you will see what you can expect from this blog. To sum it up, you can expect a little bit of everything. Hence my blog’s motto; “musings about a little bit of everything”. I don’t like to bind myself to one thing, one topic to write about, because I have many different interests. I have written a blog in the past about being a TCK (Third Culture Kid), and while I loved writing about this, I soon got bored. After having written 30 posts on the topic of being a TCK, I found myself wanting to write about other things. And so I have created this blog, my platform to write about whatever I want. I am however proud of some of my posts on my TCK blog, and I therefore want to tie them into this blog as well. Being a TCK is a large part of what makes me who I am, and so expect a post on that subject every now and then.

Does this now constitute as a first blog post? I hope so, as I don’t know much else to say expect for I HOPE YOU ARE GOING TO ENJOY MY BLOG. Sorry for the caps, to say I am excited about upcoming posts would be an understatement. I will leave you for now, but expect a new post, the first proper relevant blog post, very soon!

Hoije ❤

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