The Power of a Picture.

I have always known that photography is powerful; it can convey so many things. It can attach a human face to a news story, it can let someone see and experience a place abroad without moving an inch, and most importantly for me, it can remind us of great things we have experienced. With the click of a button on our camera we have captured a moment we can look back on for the rest of our lives. Doesn’t that sound a bit like magic?

I moved into a new house yesterday, and do you know what the first thing I did was? I hung up pictures. With my clothes still in my suitcase and a lot of boxes left to unpack, I spent the first hour of my stay in my new house hanging up pictures. Picture of me with my friends, me with my family. Pictures of vacations I have taken, pictures of me as a baby. The pictures worked their magic, because I felt instantly at home. I felt surrounded by my family and friends. I didn’t feel lonely and I felt at ease in my new room.

To some, what I am saying might seem obvious; of course pictures are powerful in reminding us of the people we love and of the amazing things we have experienced. However, I feel that some people undermine this power and don’t use it to their advantage. Too often I see bare walls in rooms, no pictures in sight. In these cases, the pictures are often tucked away is photo albums, to be viewed a couple of times a year. This is such a shame, because I truly believe that a picture can make or break your day. I have days when I feel down, and on these days the pictures on my walls help. My eye will drift towards a picture of me pulling silly faces with my friends and a smile appears on my face, making me feel instantly happier.

So get those pictures out of your photo album and hang them up instead; I promise it will have great effect.

Hoije ❤

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