Just Give Up.

Yes, I said it. Just give up. It’s not something year hear every day. Usually, when you are faced with a problem, people respond with things like “don’t give up!”, “it will get better” or “just keep working at it”. In some way’s, I agree with these statements. If you are having a tough time with something, I don’t think the first thing you should do is to give up on it. I do however believe that there comes a point when there is nothing more to be done, and when it is okay for you to give up.

Let me be a bit more specific, because I feel like I am using a lot of words to describe a situation that has happened to me. Right now, I am in my third year of university. When I started attending university, I joined a lot of things. I joined sports teams, societies, volunteering clubs. I did this because I wanted to get to know people, and because I wanted to spend the next three years as involved in as much as I could. When you join so many things, it is inevitable that some clubs turn out to be more up your alley than others. Unfortunately for me, the one that I though would be the most logical for me to join turned out to be the worst. I have been playing sports since I was little, and I thus wanted to continue doing so in university. I have always had good experiences with the sports teams I have been a part of; however, this was different. From the very start I did not feel welcome, did not feel like I fit in with the group, and was made to feel very left out. I have hit some low points because of things that have happened within this club, and it therefore baffles me that I stuck with it for two years.

Why did I stick with it? One, because I loved the sport I was playing. Like I said before, I have been playing sport from a very young age, and so it was not something that I was willing to give up so easily. Secondly, I did not want to be someone that quit as soon as things got tough. Thirdly, I did not want to let them have the power over me to make me quit doing something that I love. Coming into third year, my reasoning was that I had stuck it out for two years, so I might as well stick it out for the last year. I also thought that maybe the group dynamics might have changed over summer, but I was so wrong. Withing the first 5 minutes of the first practice back, I was made to feel insignificant and unwelcome. They acted like they didn’t know me, that they had not played with me for the past two years. And that’s when it hit me; why am I doing this to myself? Why am I setting myself up for another year of disappointment, sadness, and anger? I want to enjoy my last year of university, not look back on it with bad memories. And that is why a few days ago, I decided to quit, and I could not be happier. Cutting that group of people out of my life has already my lifted my mood over a few days, which I why I regret not doing it sooner.

So my advice to you is to follow your gut. If you feel like quitting is the right thing to do, then do it. Do not stick with it just to avoid losing face, because it is not worth it. I have come to the realization that quitting is not a sign of weakness; it can be a sign of strength. The strength to realize that a situation is poisonous, and to leave it behind. So I am proud to call myself a quitter, because I know that it has only bettered my life.

Hoije ❀

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  1. Good for you! You dropped toxic people from your life. Sometimes you have to do that. There are people in this world that are so unhappy that they go out of their way to make everyone else unhappy as well. You are better off without them in your life. Go forward and be HAPPY!


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