Black Friday Hell.

If you have clicked on this post to read about my experiences with Black Friday shopping, then I am sorry to disappoint. I have never gone Black Friday shopping, nor do I plan on ever doing so. I am not American and therefore do not celebrate Thanksgiving, or attend the shopping frenzy the day after. This year however, it seems that Black Friday has gone global, more specifically, it has made its way to the United Kingdom.

It didn’t take long for video’s to arrive on the internet showing the horrors of this shopping day. Yes, I meant to say horrors, because I do not deem a day with “amazing discounts” attracting thousands of shoppers to be a joyous day. I view it as a sad day, because it makes me realize more than any other day how obsessed today’s society has become with consuming. With recent tragic events such as the Ebola outbreak, the growth of ISIS, and the decision on the Furguson case, I do not understand how we can justify a day like Black Friday. To demonstrate why I feel like this, watch the video below:

Here we see a crowd of people pushing, arguing, and fighting over televisions that are on sale. To me, the people in this video seem almost brutish. I would expect scenes like this if we were at a stage of world hunger and people were fighting over the last bits of food, as this would then be a case of survival. But we do not need televisions to survive, though this is not what the consumer business would like you to believe. Black Friday seems to bring out a passion in people to spend ridiculous amounts of money. Can you imagine if this passion was put towards something positive? People rushing to donate money towards a worthy cause? People pushing and shoving in order to be the first ones to help those in need? I know that there are plenty of people in the world that have the biggest hearts, and do everything to help those not as fortunate as themselves. Unfortunately, a day like Black Friday does not give me much hope for society, because those who want to do good are overshadowed by today’s immense consumerist culture.

I am in no way saying that I am not a member of this consumerist culture. I like to spend a day every now and then shopping, buying things that I think might make me happy. However, I pride myself in being able to step back and realize that buying objects will not make me, or those less fortunate, any happier or better. Luckily I know that there are many others with a similar mindset to mine, we just need some more recruits.

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