7 Days, 7 Tips: Anxiety Tip #3

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Anxiety Tip #3: Write.


Today’s tip is simple; write. I find that writing has many therapeutic effects, and I rely on it when I am struggling with my anxiety. Personally, I see my notebook as someone to confide in. I don’t like to talk about my anxiety with friends or family, and avoid doing it at any cost. Not talking about it can become hard though, as keeping your worries bottled up inside leaves them no place to go. So instead of talking, I write.

Whether I have just experience an event that has heightened my anxiety, or I am feeling anxious about something occurring soon, I always turn towards my notebook. I like to sit down, take my pen, and write about what is bothering me. I find that when I write what I am anxious about, it makes me see it in a more rational light. For example, I often get very anxious about attending a social occasion. I can panic about this days in advance, and it has a big impact on my life. However, when I write about these feeling of panic, I find that they lessen. Physically writing: “I am afraid that I won’t be dressed appropriately for my friend’s cocktail gathering tomorrow” makes me realize that really, this is a small thing to worry about. While writing these words do not magically make all my anxiety symptoms disappear, I do find that it helps sooth them.


I don’t plan on ever letting anyone read my “anxiety journal”; it exists only for me. Hopefully I will be able to read through old entries one day and see how far I’ve come.

I encourage you to go out and buy a notebook, and to always have it close by. Take it with you during the day, keep in on your nightstand at night. Let it become a support system for when you are feeling particularly anxious. You’ll be surprised how much a pen and paper can help.

Have you found that writing helps sooth your anxiety?

Check back tomorrow for the next tip!

Hoije ❤


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