7 Days, 7 Tips: Anxiety Tip #5

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Anxiety Tip #5: Go Outside.

This tip is my favorite to implement. I love being outside, and if I could hike as a job I would apply this instant. I love leaving all my electronics at home, and just going for a walk. I often spend my Saturday’s hiking for the full day, and I always come back home feeling so much better.

I realize that not everyone has the time to go on spontaneous long walks, or to go for a full day hike every weekend. But even a 10 day stroll will help you clear your head. Leaving the world behind for a bit, the world that hosts your anxiety triggers, can be very effective in soothing your anxiety.

There so many things you can do outside. Besides hiking you can cycle, swim, run, play a sport. The key is to leave everything behind for a few moments. If you want to think clearly about your anxiety that day, then take a light stroll. If instead you want to forget about a anxious event, join a football game so that all that will occupy your mind is how to score the next goal. Find the outdoor activity that suits you best, and aim to do it a few times a week. And take some pictures of your shoes in different environments while you’re at it:



As cheesy at is sounds, “getting one with nature” is something that has helped me immensely with my anxiety. It’s easy to do, and so worthwhile.

Have you found getting outside to be helpful when you’re feeling anxious?

Check back tomorrow for the 2nd last tip!

Hoije ❤

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