Stopping Time: A Poem.

Today I am sharing something I never thought I would. I like to write poems, mainly when I’m feeling down, in order to convey my emotions in a way that no one is affected by them. Writing in general calms me down when I’m not feeling great, but my intention has never been to share it with anyone. Mainly because the poems are very personal, and also because I don’t think they are any good. I don’t even know if they can be called poems to be honest. But I have challenged myself to open up a bit more, and this is one of the ways I’m trying to, by sharing more personal writing.

Today I was reading through my journal and I stumbled across this poem that I wrote a few weeks ago. It captures how I was feeling then, and am still feeling now in some ways. With my university degree ending, the only thing anyone seems to talk about is the future. But the future scares me, and if it was up to me, I would stop time and stay in this moment forever. So here is my ‘poem’ that in some ways captures this feeling:

Let’s stay here forever

In this moment

This exact moment

Where the future isn’t looming

Where I’m happy

For one

Let’s just stay here

Stop the moment

Freeze time

Because the moment will break


Very soon

And as soon as it breaks

I won’t be able to mend it

And it’ll be gone

Like it never existed

And nothing will ever compare


Let’s stay here


Hoije ❤

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