No Makeup Travel.

As you are reading this, I am on my Easter holiday travels. I’m going on two separate trips: first I’m going on a trip through Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, and Greece. My second trip will be a hiking trip to Scotland. I will be gone for about two and a half weeks, and for this time I have set myself a challenge: to wear little to no makeup.

My skin has always been a challenge for me. I’ve used countless skin products, but none of them seem to have really worked. I think a reason for my breakouts is that I wear quite heavy makeup. It’s a vicious cycle really: I hate my spotty skin, so I wear foundation and various other makeup products, which in turn make my skin worse.

I’ve decided to leave my primer, BB-cream and foundation behind (my most used heavy makeup items). It might seem a bit silly, leaving just a few makeup products behind, but I know I will feel insecure about my skin before of it. I’ve let myself take a few makeup items, as a safety blanket, so this is what I’m taking:

For my face

I’ve let myself take myself take my Rimmel London concealer and face powder, along with my M.A.C brush. These are rather lights makeup items, and I will only let myself use them if I feel really insecure about my skin.

For my eyes

I like to highlight my eyes when my skin is particularly bad, in order to ‘distract’ people from it. So I’ve taken: my Rimmel London mascara, my Barry M mascara, and my Rimmel London grey eyeliner. I know I’ll feel more comfortable if I have eye makeup without face makeup.

For my lips

For my lips I am just taking my Rimmel London baby lips tinted lip balm, to give my lips some simple color.

I’m hoping that severely lessening my face makeup will improve my skin. I’ll write a update post when I get back from my travels to let you know if it’s worked.

Hoije ❤

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