Eating Out Vegan.

It has been over a month that I have been 100% vegan, and I have faced some of the likely challenges that comes with it. One of these challenges is eating out. I knew that it would be difficult to find places that catered to being vegan, or that had something besides a simple salad that I could eat. In many ways, I was pleasantly surprised. While most restaurants do not have identify vegan items on their menu, many do have dietary information online that allows you to see what is vegan. This means that I spend quite a bit of time researching different restaurants and what I can eat there, but I know that this will become less and less time consuming.

So today I thought I would share some of my vegan meals that I have had out. Note that these are not the healthiest of meals (for me, eating out is always a treat!) but they are all 100% vegan:

1) Pizza! I LOVE pizza, and when I went vegan, I was scared that I couldn’t have it anymore. However, I was proven wrong. I found places that have vegan pizza bases, and while I have not found restaurant that offer vegan cheese, I don’t miss the cheese on pizza at all! This was a take away pizza from Pizza Hut (the pan base), with all the veggies they offer on it, on a tomato sauce.

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This #pizza was amazing 🍴 and completely #vegan 🙌

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2) Fajitas. I love Mexican food, and I have found that it is very adaptable to a vegan diet. This was a sizzling plate of mushrooms and peppers, served with salsa, guacamole, and tortilla wraps. This meal was eaten at Las Iguanas, and they even offer a separate vegan menu, so I love going here!


3) Lunch time soup. Pret A Manger offers some great vegan options, but this is my favorite soup. The coconut is strong and the mushrooms compliment is so nicely, I could have this every day! And the vegetable chips are the perfect side.


4) Indian take away. Indian cuisine is one of my all time favorites, and so I did some research to see which restaurants offered vegan options. I found that my local take away had some delicious vegan dishes, and for this meal I choose white rice with stuffed aubergine and poppadoms. It was so good!


5) Soup. While this isn’t technically eating out, I still kind of see it that way. I bought these soups from M&S when I had a busy week and didn’t have time to cook properly. They were both delicious, and I had them with a side of potatoes.


Hoije ❤

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