7 Days, 7 Tips: Exam Stress Tip #5

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Exam Stress Tip #5: Change Your Scenery.

Libraries get boring, especially if you have to spend the majority of your time in them week in week out during exam period. This sense of boredom can blow over into your actual revision, and once you’re bored of revision, the stress levels start to rise.

The solution: switch between a few different study areas. Besides the library aim to find alternative study places; try to find a quite cafe, a nice spot in the park, a room in your house, even another library. Switch between these places hourly, daily, weekly: as often as you need to. A change of scenery will give you a fresh look at your work, and it can really help manage your stress.

Personally, I study in the library in the morning, then switch to my bedroom in the afternoon, and if it is nice weather, I’ll aim to do a bit of studying in the park. This keeps me on a feet, and I feel much better studying this way then if I were to spend all day every day in the library.

Check back tomorrow for tip #6, and good luck to everyone currently studying!

Hoije ❤

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