7 Days, 7 Tips: Exam Stress Tip #6

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Exam Stress Tip #6: Get A Study Buddy.

You know what makes suffering through exam time better? Someone suffering with you. Knowing that you are not the only one dealing with exam stress put the whole situation into perspective. So grab a friend and go study together, because it will make it all a little bit easier.

Usually you don’t need your study buddy there for any other reason than to just “be there”. It’s nice to have a companion with you when you are freaking out. Talking about your stress and discussing issues really helps lower your stress levels. Moreover, it’s much nicer to take a study break with a friend than by yourself. Make a pact that if you both study well for 4 hours in the morning, you guys can go out for a nice lunch before heading back for some more studying.

Make sure that your study buddy is on the same page as you. For example, if you are someone that studies best in silence, find someone who is the same, so you can study in silence together. However, some people study best when they talk to someone about what they are studying. If this is you, find someone that is the same and take turns talking about your exam topic. Just remember that your study buddy needs to find your time together just as beneficial as you!

Stress is best dealt with outwardly, not by keeping it all in. So confide in someone if you are finding it all a bit too much. Talking about your stress will definitely help in minimizing it.

Come back tomorrow for the final tip!

Hoije ❤


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