Why You Should Visit Amsterdam.

I feel like there are a lot articles out there explaining exactly why you should visit Amsterdam. And in my disgust, a lot of them mention only the red light district and weed as reasons. Being Dutch, Amsterdam has a special place in my heart, and branding it as the city of sex and drugs is therefore a little insulting to me.

Yes, the red light district in Amsterdam is big, and to some, shocking. Yes, there are a lot of coffee shops, and even with the new laws, you can probably get your hands on weed and other drugs as a tourist. And yes, unfortunately, there is a big industry around all of this, largely because it attracts so many (of the wrong kind, in my opinion) tourists.

I’m not saying I’m against these things being present in Amsterdam. I actually support the openness of the red light district, and the visibility of this industry in general, because I believe it promotes safety for all those involved. And similarly I think that the Dutch laws on weed are a strong model for other countries to copy, as it diminishes the taboo and secrecy around it. But I do not support a tourism industry based on just these things. Amsterdam, and The Netherlands in general, is so much more than just sex and drugs.

So, today I am listing 5 reasons to visit Amsterdam, sans the above mentioned non-reasons:

photo 2-5
1)   The museums: There are so many amazing museums in Amsterdam, and if you have time, you should visit them all. Some of my favorites are the Anne Frank house (definitely worth the wait to get in), the Rijksmuseum, FOAM (a great photography museum), and the Hermitage.

2)   The architecture: My favorite thing to do in Amsterdam is to just walk around, because it is such a beautiful city. There are some amazing houses along the herengracht and prinsengracht, and even the main train station is beautiful.

3)   The food: okay, so we don’t really specialize in intricate beautiful dishes, but we do offer some amazing fried food. And pancakes; lots and lots of sweet and savory pancakes. For my fellow vegans out there, fear not. There are countless of vegan café’s and restaurants in Amsterdam, all equally delicious!

4)   The location: Amsterdam is great on it’s own, but it is also close to countless of amazing cities, which are easy to reach on public transport. If you’re craving a day at the beach (on a rare warm and sunny day in The Netherlands…) head to Zandvoort aan Zee, a great local beach. Also make time to visit Den Haag (and visit the Peace Palace if you can!) and Rotterdam. For some classic Dutch windmills, take the 30 minute bus journey to the Zaanse Schans. A lot of people also choose to go to Belgium for the day, which is easy to do!

5)   The accepting culture: we’re not just open minded when it comes to things like weed, I would say that the Dutch culture is overall very accepting. Of course we have our flaws, but we generally couldn’t care less about your religion, sexuality, or country of origin. Overall, Amsterdam exudes acceptance and happiness.

photo 1-5Hoije ❤

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  1. Good of you. There is so much more to Amsterdam than the stereotypical labels. I have lived there for years and find it one of the most beautiful and pleasant cities to live in.

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  2. I am a British expat who has lived in the Netherlands, so I will throw in my 2 cents about the accepting. I worked in Amsterdam whilst commuting from The Hague everyday and just see Amsterdam as just a tourist hotspot and nothing more. The real Dutch culture unfortunately resides right in the middle of the country…..the bible belt. I cannot agree with you that Dutch culture is fully accepting (I mean Geert Wilders is popular ffs). It is where religion does matter. Islam is absolutely slated, whilst SGP is allowed? Crazy. I am Jewish and unfortunately I was verbally attacked for wearing a kippah….

    Re: learning Dutch. I attended the British school in Den haag (ironic, I know) to learn Nederlands, but whilst out and about trying to speak it I was replied to in English over and over again. I then got slated for not being good enough in Dutch….

    I had enough and moved back to the UK in the end and I know quite a few Dutchies here ready to hand back their passport for a British one.

    On a positive note….chocomel is lekker 😉


    1. Thanks for your comment 🙂 I agree for sure that the Dutch culture is not completely excepting (and your Geert Wilders example is so true; that man and his movement disgusts me). And I’m so sorry to hear that you were verbally attack, that truly saddens me. However, for me, I feel that the Dutch culture is more excepting than most when it comes to factors such as sexuality and general identity. Of course not everyone has this accepting mindset, but I think that the Dutch are much more liberal than most, hence why I love this part of our culture.
      Either way, I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had a different experience than myself with The Netherlands, and I’m glad I got to hear your view!


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