How To Be A Morning Person + My Morning Routine.

Let me start of this post by saying that I am NOT a morning person. I like to sleep, a lot. But as much as I love it, I have realised recently that it’s hindering me from being as productive as I want. The thing is, when you wake up at 10am, you’re not really functional till 11am, and by the time you’ve had breakfast and you’re dressed it’s already midday. Just like that, a potentially productive morning is wasted.

So I’ve decided to change, to make the most of my day. I ha­­ve to admit that this change was not 100% my choice, nor was it 100% welcomed at first. I recently started an internship in Singapore, meaning that I have to get to work at 8:30 (aka. I now have act like a normal adult and wake up early for work). With this change in routine, I decided that I would become a morning person, waking up super early, and starting the day off right.

So today I thought I’d share with you some of my tips, by outlining my morning routine. Hopefully they can be of some use to you, and just remember, becoming a morning person takes practice; the more you wake up early, the easier it becomes!

5:50am: I am in deep sleep when my alarm goes off, but luckily, I have a nice alarm tone (“Sunshine” by Lupe Fiasco), so that I don’t wake up in a bad mood. This is TIP #1: set yourself a nice ringtone! Those stereotypical alarm tones that just beep really loudly instantly piss you off, and it’s not the best way to start your day! Also, TIP #2: don’t put your phone next to your bed. Instead, put it on the other side of your room, so that you’re forced to leave you comfy warm bed.

5:55am: I quickly change into some workout clothes and make my bed. This is TIP #3: get yourself out of ‘sleep mode’. Changing out of your pyjamas and making your bed is a way of mentally telling yourself that sleeping time is over, and you’ll therefore be less likely to go back to bed.

5:58am: I pour myself a big glass of water and splash my face with cold water; both of these things really help me wake up. Plus, the glass of water helps get your metabolism started. Thus, TIP #4: WATER (in a glass and on your face).

6:00am: I open my patio doors, roll out my yoga mat, and do some light stretching and exercise. I wish I could tell you that I do some awesome yoga routines, but really, I just do a bit of everything. I usually stretch for 10 minutes, and do some ab work for 10 minutes. So TIP #5: get active! There’s nothing better to wake you up then some exercise. Whether it’s going for a run, a swim, or just some stretching; do what you have time for. But do something, it really helps!

6:20am: I set myself a cup of tea and grab my phone from my room. I give myself about 10 minutes to browse social media. This is a habit I’m still trying to kick, but I deliberately make myself wait 30 minutes till after I wake up to do this, so it’s a big improvement! My TIP #6: leave you technology alone at the start of your morning. It distracts you and isn’t very productive. At least do some exercise before retreating to the online world.

6:30am: Breakfast time! Also known as my favourite time of the day. I know so many people say it, but I’m going to be unoriginal and repeat is: breakfast is so important, so eat it! You need to fuel your body to start the day off right, so give yourself time in the morning to make a proper breakfast. I always spend at least 10 minutes on my breakfast, making sure it is yummy and good for me. Some of my favourites are smoothie bowls, nana nicecream, and oatmeal. So here comes TIP #7: EAT BREAKFAST. Just eat it, and make it delicious while you’re at it.

6:55am: Breakfast made and eaten, I retreat to the shower. I always take a quick 2-minute cold shower in the morning, to shock me out of my last little bits of sleep. Living in humid Singapore, this makes me feel fresh before dressing in office clothes.

7:00am: I get dressed in my previously-laid out clothes. I usually choose my outfit the night before, so that I don’t have to fret about it in the morning. Because yes, I am one of those people that stresses about what to wear, and paces from my mirror to my closet exclaiming; “I don’t have any clothes!!!!!”. So doing it the night before just makes my morning a bit less stressful. TIP #8: Lay your clothes out the night before if you know you’re picky!

7:10am: This is when I prepare my lunch for the day. I usually don’t have a lot to prepare, and I almost always pre-cook my lunches the day before. But I’ll always cut up some fresh fruit and make sure that I have enough food with me to get me through the work day. My TIP #9 is: make your lunch the night before if you can! This will save you some time in the morning, and means that you don’t have to rack your brain for lunch ideas minutes before you have to leave.

7:20am: I spend my last 10 minutes at home doing anything that I need to or want to do. Sometimes this is making a to-do list for the day, so that I can start my day as prepared as possible. And sometimes it’s reading my book, in order to relax before starting the day.

7:30am: And I’m off to work after a productive and stress-free morning!

And that’s it, my morning is over! Try out some of these tips, and let me know if you start to become a morning person. And let me know some of your tips, because I still have some improve to do!

Hoije ❤

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