My Deep Thoughts When Flying.

I fly quite frequently, often long flights, which give me a lot of time to think. Particularly when I have a window seat, watching the clouds and the world below me go by ignite deep inner monologues. So today I thought I would share one of those, to share with you a little piece of my brain. So here goes:Look at all those houses. Apartments. Mansions. Places where people, families, live. Places they call home. I don’t know them though. I don’t know their names, their hobbies, their favourite foods, the things that make them cry, laugh. I don’t know anything about them. Their lives live completely separate from mine, and I’ll never know them. We will live on this earth together, without knowing the slightest thing about each other. Look at that apartment block. That’s at least 300 apartments. 300 different worlds that I’ll never know a thing about. They all have their own problems, their own worries, their own friendship circles. Just like I have my own troubles, worries and friendship circles. But ours will never overlap, I’ll never know anything about them. So many people, so many emotions in this world. And yet, some days we feel like our worries are the worst. That no one understands us. And maybe that’s true, in our little world. Maybe out of our friends, family and acquaintances, our worries are the worst, though it’s unlikely. But outside our little world? We have no clue. We might read a Facebook post from someone across the world, or a tweet from someone living in the next neighbourhood over, but that doesn’t mean anything. We don’t actually know those people. Our world might expand a little over out lifetime, but so will all those other million little worlds. We live on this big globe together, but oh so appart. The people living in those 300 apartments below have their own little world, one that I’ll never be part of, never know. And yet, we are all part of this earth’s population. It’s a shame really, but I guess our own little world is what makes us feel safe, comfortable. It’s only when your flying so high like now that I realise how many of us are on this planet. You hear the numbers in school, but they’re just numbers, nothing more. You need to be able to visualise it to really understand that magnitude of the earthly population today. And then you really see how small, how insignificant, you really are.

And there’s a big long paragraph of only a little bit of my deep inner monologue I experienced on my most recent flight. A bit of a different post from me, I know, but I hope it was enjoyable nonetheless. Do you ever have deep serious thoughts like me when looking out of a plane window? Let me know in the comments below!

Hoije ❤

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