My Vegan Journey: Update.

It’s been more than 10 months now since I went 100% vegan, so I though it was about time to write a update post. First and foremost; I am still very happily a vegan. I have to be honest and say that this surprises me a little bit, due to the doubt both I and my family and friends had when I decided to make this lifestyle change. Throughout my teenage years I tried being a vegetarian many times, but always gave up after a week or so. So what has made this different?

There’s a few factors that have motivated me to stay vegan. The first would be purpose. The post I originally wrote when I went vegan stated that I chose the vegan lifestyle purely for myself. I felt that it was beneficial for my health, and still strongly feel this way. I have since read The China Study which has only fuelled this purpose more, which is a must read, by the way. I have also seen physical changes. I have lost weight and feel much more comfortable with my body. I am still struggling with break outs, but I’m hoping that with time my body is healed more and subsequently clears my skin a bit. Of course, I know that most of the changes happen within the body, and while I might not be able to see them, I can honestly say I feel a lot healthier. 

Besides this, I have also found a second purpose behind my veganism; the environment. I have always been concerned about the fast rate of our environment’s deterioration, but have never really done anything significant about it. After watching Cowspiracy a few weeks ago, I realised the impact veganism has on the environment, and how much my previous diet was affecting the environment negatively. It has motivated me to spread the vegan message more to anyone willing to listen, and most importantly, has proved to me that staying on this past indefinitely is the only way forward.

Another factor that has kept me strong throughout these months is my Instagram account. This might seem a bit weird, but I feel held accountable for my lifestyle. I love sharing picture of my food and the response it gets from fellow vegans, and with a growing following, I feel like I would “let down” my Instagram buddies. I mean this is the most positive sense possible; Instagram has become a support system for me, a loving one at that. It’s definitely helped me stay on track!

I’ve also had great support from family and friends. While some found it a bit odd at the start, I’ve pretty much had complete support. While I was in Singapore, I was cooking vegan meals for my family serval time a week, and they really enjoyed and supported it. While they might not be vegan themselves, I could see them opening up to the lifestyle more and more with every meal. I’m really excited to cook up some delicious vegan dishes for Christmas dinner this year, to shows my whole extended family the amazing food you can enjoy on this diet.

There one thing I want to touch on quickly: cravings. I sometimes get asked if I ever crave meat and dairy, if I miss it. Do I crave it sometimes? Yes. Do I miss it? No. These are two very different things. The only time I ever crave meat or dairy is when I’m hungry and there’s no vegan food around. My grumbling stomach then remembers the meat and dairy dishes I used to enjoy, and upon smelling or seeing these foods, I sometimes crave them. I’ve never given into a craving, and they’re not strong,  but I do have them sometimes. You have to remember that I didn’t find meat and dairy “gross” for the last 20 years, so I think it’s very natural to crave them. It’s what you do about those craving that make a difference. Regarding missing meat and dairy; I truly don’t. I’m so happy with this lifestyle and the food it includes that I don’t miss non-vegan products. Moreover, there’s so many vegan versions of foods out there, you can pretty much get anything vegan-ised if you look for it.

As you might know, I’m currently in Thailand. I definitely miss my blender and rice cooker, and it’s much more challenging eating whole healthy foods while on the go. Living off of small supermarkets can be tough, but I’ve managed to find plenty of fresh fruit to get me through. I sometimes struggle with staying away from the “accidentally vegan” snacks, and I have to remind myself that just because it’s vegan, doesn’t mean it healthy. I’m not saying snacks are bad, I believe in a balanced diet that includes snacks, but when travelling, I find myself gravitating towards them much more regularly. It’s a habit I’m trying to break!

Do you have any thoughts on anything I’ve talked about here? Let me know!

Hoije ❤

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  1. This is my first time reading your blog and I love it. Your thoughts echo many of my feelings when I reflect on my own vegan journey, and the different ways this transformation has manifested in my life. Exited to explore your blog further!

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