The Solo Travel Series: Thailand (Ao Nang, part 3).

This past week went so fast, much faster than I was expecting! I spent the last seven days being a complete beach bum. I read 3 five hundred page books, got my tan on and swam in the ocean for hours on end. I have to admit, at the start I was afraid I would get really bored really fast this week. Essentially I was planning on doing very little every day, and doing it with no one but myself. But I complety proved myself wrong; I loved it.

The books really helped. I have always loved reading, and getting truly sucked into a book is one of my favourite feelings. For me, the beach, sea and a good book is a unbeatable combo, and so I was happy spending my week this way. I also re-discovered my love of the ocean. I’m one of those people who can stay in the sea for ages, diving underwater, or simply letting myself get carried away with the waves. It gives me such peace, and so this week was exactly that; peaceful.

I also conquered one of my fears this week: EATING ALONE! In the past, I have always felt weird eating alone in a restaurant, so I’ve never really done it. I always believed that people would stare at me, think I was weird or lonely because there was no one accompanying me. On my past solo trip, I pretty much cooked every meal myself, or sometimes got takeaway food and ate it in my room. However, in Thailand, hostels don’t really have kitchens. So after living off of fruit and crisps for a few days, I was dying for a actual proper meal. So I found a cute, not so busy, beach restaurant that offered vegan curries, and I ate on my own watching the sunset. And it was fine. No one started at me, and it really wasn’t so awkward once I shoved my nerves out of the way. It proved to me something I strongly believe; there’s nothing bad, sad or lonely about being alone. This solo travelling experience is teaching me exactly that.

After a few more solo meals at restaurants and plenty of beach days later, I travelled to Koh Tao. It took me two busses and two ferries, but I’m here! I started my open water and advanced diving course today, and I’m so excited for this week. The change of scenery took me a bit of time to adjust to, but more on that in the next post.

Hoije ❤

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