Trash I Found On The Beach.

The past two months I’ve been to various beaches in Thailand. I’ve enjoyed the fine sand, the warm sea and the relaxed atmosphere one experiences at the beach. However, I have also realised there is a very ugly side to the beach and the sea, a ugliness we humans have created. Trash gets washed up all day every day; plastic and styrofoam litter the beach. 

What is really sad is that a lot of tourists don’t even see this, as hotels often get rid of the trash before they get to the beach. This allows people to live in oblivion, to not realise that all these materials we as consumerists use have to end up somewhere on this earth, like the sea and eventually the beach. So instead of sharing pretty pictures with you, I’m showing you the reality of Thailand’s, and unfortunately the majority of the world’s, beaches. Hopefully it’ll act as a reminder that our earth is precious, and that we should treat is so.

Hoije ❤

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  1. Yep, I experienced the same thing in Phuket. It sucks. It’s definitely worse the time of year you and I were here (end of the monsoon season) but the point is, it wouldn’t happen if the trash wasn’t floating out there in the first place.

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