What I Ate Wednesday: Vegan (#4)

After a busy period of travelling I’m finally back home for a bit! I’m excited to publish posts on all my recent adventures , so keep a look out for those. For now I’m doing another What I Ate Wednesday post; I really like writing these and I hope they give you some inspiration.


photo 3-7

You can never go wrong with throwing some frozen fruit in a blender! This time I went for frozen bananas and frozen blueberries, topped with coconut cubes and cacao nibs. Not only did this taste amazing, but I just can’t get over the amazing colour.



Vegan cookies anyone? I made these following Elizabeth Castoria’s recipe in her book “How To Be Vegan” (an amazing book by the way, I relied on it during my transition to veganism). They turned out so yummy; crunchy on the outside and gooey on the inside. I could have eaten this whole plate, but stopped myself after two (or three….)


photo 1-8

I had some roasted chickpeas left (recipe here) and decided to have them pared with rice crackers and green pesto. It’s a bit of a random combination but actually tasted really good!


photo 2-8

As good as my lunch was, it didn’t completely fill me up. I decided to roast some brussel sprouts for a afternoon snack, topped with balsamic vinegar and roasted pine nuts. I’m obsessed with brussel sprouts, so any excuse to have them, I take it!


photo 4-5

This is what my dinner looks like when I have a bunch of veggies to use up. Some boiled asparagus, roasted veggies (pumpkin, eggplants and mushrooms), and some cooked spinach with onions and garlic. Paired with a bunch of rice of course!

What are some of your favourite vegan meals? Let me know in the comments!

Hoije ❤

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