7 Days, 7 Tips: Budget Travel #2 (Cut The Eating Out).

Happy Tuesday! Today we’re going to be talking about one of my all time favourite things; FOOD. Eating out while travelling can quickly become a big expense, so it’s important to be mindful of how often you eat out. If you eat out for every meal, you’ll be getting through your budget very quickly.

This is where supermarkets come in. When travelling on a budget, these are you best friend. Buy yourself a pack of cereal and some fruit, and you’ve got your breakfast sorted. Same for lunch; purchase items like bread, crackers, peanut butter etc. to make a simple but filling meal. To make this work best I always suggest people bring with them a Tupperware container and some camping cutlery. This way you have a bowl and spreading/eating utensils with you at all times. Don’t worry about your Tupperware wasting space in your luggage; you can always fill it with underwear and such to make use of the space.

If you’re travelling in Europe, make use of hostel kitchens, as the majority of hostels provide this to their guests. For example, when I was travelling in Ireland, I very rarely ate out. I would make simple meals like soup, pasta and rice in the hostel kitchen. It’s never going to be anything glamorous, but especially in Europe, it can save you a lot of money.

Travelling in Asia is slightly different; I very rarely find hostels or accommodation with communal kitchens.  However, eating out in Asia is a whole lot cheaper than in Europe, and if you eat at local restaurants you’ll be able to get a good meal for cheap. So when I’m travelling in Asia, I tend to eat out for one meal a day, usually a late lunch/early dinner.

As for other parts of the world, I’m not too sure. The majority of my travelling has been in Europe and Asia, so these are the parts that I’m confident giving advice on. However, balance is always key. Try eating out as little as possible, but also remember to enjoy yourself. Food is a great way to explore part of a country’s culture, and so don’t completely deprive yourself of some local delicacies.

Have a great day, and see you tomorrow!

Hoije ❤

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