What I Ate Wednesday: Vegan (#10)

Happy Wednesday! I realised that I haven’t posted a What I Ate Wednesday for a while so I jumped at the opportunity to write this.  For some reason I really love sharing with you what I eat on a typical day (don’t ask my why; I have no clue…), so I hope you enjoy reading these posts. I am currently in Singapore for a bit before moving to London, so this is what I ate on a regular day at home.



Smoothie bowls have become my breakfast staple recently; I love starting my day off with a bunch of fruit. This time I went for a matcha bowl; blend banana, spinach, matcha tea powder and coconut cream together and BAM you have yourself a delicious and nutritious start to the day.



I usually enjoy a cup of coffee halfway through my morning. A latte made with coconut milk and topped with cinnamon sugar is my current favourite!



Okay, I have to admit, I’m a little bit obsessed with matcha. So much so that I even added it to my pancakes, and it was so good! Your barely taste it, get some added nutrition and they turn a really cool green colour. Topped with banana, pomegranate, granola and chocolate sauce this was a lunch feast.



A few days ago I shared my granola recipe. I’ve been absolutely loving the stuff, and I eat it as a snack most days. Just me and the open granola jar sitting on the couch, it gets a little bit out of hand sometimes…



Mini pizza’s are not only adorable but also so yummy. I always make sure to have some pizza bases in my freezer; when you’re feeling lazy this is such a simple meal to make, simply top with anything you have in the fridge. I went for BBQ sauce, potatoes, tomatoes and some frozen veg. If you’ve never tried potato on pizza, you’re missing out; you can never have too many carbs.

What are you favourite pizza toppings?

Hoije ❤

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