My Travel Diary: Vigan, The Philippines.

I want to start a new series on this blog called “My Travel Diary”, where I share some of my favourite pictures and memories from my travels. I’ve shared about my travels in the past, but I thought it was time to introduce it as a series and give it a name!

I will be starting off with The Philippines, which I visited last December. The trip was amazing; I saw some amazing nature landmarks (the Banaue rice terraces are breathtaking) and the Filipino people were so kind.  This post is specifically about Vigan, which is a small city in the north of the Philippines. We spent Christmas in this charming place and I fell in love with it.

Vigan is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the historic city centre has a lot of Spanish influences; the blend of Spanish and Oriental architecture creates a really charming atmosphere. I was particularly a sucker for all the exposed brick, it just looks so pretty!


Another great part about Vigan is that the city centre is largely car-free; you can walk around in peace. It was quite busy when we were there because of Christmas, but it still wasn’t overwhelming. I would definitely suggest going at a non-holiday period though, or venturing the streets early in the morning (when everyone else is still asleep).


I really liked that there is a lot of greenery around Vigan, you could tell that the local government had put effort into having plants around the town.


There’s also some really cute antique shops to browse; I’m trying to cut down on my possessions so I didn’t get anything, but if you’re looking for some home decor you’re bound to find some good stuff here.


There’s something I like about jumbled telephone and electric wires, I know, weird! I think it’s because it reminds me of Hanoi; it’s such a chaotic sight but there’s something nice about it for me. If you like this (slightly odd) look too then Vigan is perfect for you, there’s jumbled wires everywhere.


If you’re ever in the Philippines I highly suggest making a stop in Vigan. It’s a great place to relax (there’s quite a few cute coffee shops to chill at) and also to soak up some of the local culture. I had one disappointment though; there was no vegan place! I mean a place called Vigan would be perfect for a vegan restaurant, just saying…

I hope you enjoyed this post; let me know if you’d like to see similar content in the future!

Hoije ❤

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