My Top Cheap Room Decor Tips + DIY Ideas.


I’m really excited for this post, because I am actually really happy with my room and how I decorated it on a budget. Before I start I think it’s useful for me to tell you a bit about the room and my style. So I live in London, on a student budget, meaning that my room is tiny but I still pay a ridiculous amount for it. Even though my room is small (it snugly fits a single bed, small desk and closet), I love it. I was lucky enough to move in when the room had just been repainted (nice white walls everywhere, as well as a newly painted white wardrobe and bed), plus my room has a big window (natural light makes such a difference). So it’s my cosy little home in busy London.

In regards to my style, I like to keep it pretty simple. This is partly because I don’t have loads of stuff to decorate my room with (something which I’m actually pretty grateful for), but also because I like to calming effect of a simple room. The fact that my room was pretty white when I got it helped a lot with this; it gives it a clean look. I do like some pops of colour, and I also like to add some things which have meaning to me (mainly things I have picked up on my travels), because they remind me of good memories.

Now that I’ve rambled for two whole paragraphs, I’ll share with you pictures and tips of how to decorate your room, on a budget.



There’s so many reasons why plants are the perfect room decor for people on a budget. Firstly, you can get them pretty cheaply. I got my room plants (3 cacti and a bigger succulent) for 3 pounds (from Homebase, for my fellow UK readers). My flatmates and I also have a bigger plant in the living room, this one was a bit more pricey (around 20 pounds), but split between 3 it was affordable and so worth it.

Plants are also great for minimalists, which is something that I’m very interested in. Plants don’t have to be a permanent decor item; if I end up moving at the end of this year, I can easily give my plants away or plant them in a garden, that way I got joy out of them without being attached to them.

Lastly, plants just bring so much life to a room. I love that there’s something alive in my room and that it adds some greenery.


Candles are great because they can be really cheap (my favourite place to get them is Ikea) and they add some ambience to a room, plus they smell great. We have some candles in our living room and I also have some in my room; I think it’s a great addition.



I live far away from home so pictures of my family are really important to me. They make me feel closer to them and also help me feel better when I’m feeling homesick. I decided to display some of my favourites very simply on my wall. I just got some string and small wooden pegs from a local arts store and hung two strands on the wall near my bed; I love how minimalistic it looks. It also means I didn’t have to buy picture frames, which are more expensive, take up more room and are annoying to move with.



I like myself some cheesy quotes; seeing them in the morning gives me motivation to have a good day. I also really like the look of simple prints, but they can be really expensive. I printed some of my favourite Tumblr quotes on photo paper (I just printed them at a drug store) and hung them on my exposed closet side; they’re the first thing you see when you walk into my room.


I have two prints in my bedroom that are actually cards, which makes them much cheaper. I got these in Sydney, from this awesome place. I’ve displayed them in some white Ikea frames; they were around 2.50 pounds each and I like the sleek look of them. I like that these prints look quite fancy even though they didn’t take much time or money.

I hope some of these tips were useful; let me know if you have any other tips for cheap room decor!

Hoije ❤

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  1. I love how simple these decorations are, yet they make a huge difference in the home. I grew not having much on my walls just because it seemed like a lot of work and I didn’t know how to do it. Thanks to this article people don’t have to do it like i did and have their own inviting decorations!


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