What I Ate Wednesday: Vegan (#17)

It feels like it’s been ages since I’ve done a What I Ate Wednesday blog post, so it only felt right to write one again! My life at the moment, as you might have grasped from my previous blog post (and if you follow me on Instagram) revolves around my dissertation. My meals have been focused on healthy, whole foods that will fuel my brain. So here is what I eat on a typical day at the moment:


There’s nothing I love more than oats in the morning; if you’ve read my past WIAW posts you probably already know that! I’ve recently been adding more nuts and seeds to my oats, for some extra goodness. Here I added in milled flaxseed and chia seeds to my oatmeal while it was cooking, and topped with with almonds and cacao nibs, as well as blueberries and LOTS of peanut butter sauce. Seriously, how epic is that drizzle?!


This lunch is a typical one for me; throwing a bunch of veggies in a bowl and calling is a salad. This time I had spinach (my all time favourite green) with cucumber and pickled red cabbage, topped with oven-roasted chickpeas (find my recipe here) and guacamole. So yummy and filling; this is my favourite type of salad.


I always get peckish in the afternoon and I’ve been trying my best to reach for healthy snacks (don’t get me wrong though, some days I definitely devour some cookies instead…) and berries are currently my go-to. Because it’s berry season, which is sadly nearing the end, berries are super affordable at the moment and really good quality. These strawberries were so delicious and they tasted just like candy.


On this day for dinner I tried out a new recipe; creamy cheezy mac & cheese with broccoli, and it turned out so well! I was so happy with how creamy it turned out, it tasted as if there was half a pack of butter in there or something, but in fact this recipe is completely oil free. The sauce is made with potatoes and carrots, and lots of nutritional yeast. I loosely followed this recipe, but I’m currently working on adapting it to make my own. But I highly suggest making this, it might be my new dinner-time favourite.

I hope you enjoyed this post; let me know what your current favourite recipe is!

Hoije ❤

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