My Fitness Journey: The Start.

Last week I realised that I haven’t properly worked out in over a year. I do my best to maintain an active lifestyle in terms of walking a lot of going on hikes and such, but I have recently been lacking in the proper exercise department. I’ve noticed some small changes in my body in terms of weight gain but nothing major. I do however think that the lack of exercise has had some impact on my mental health. I think I’ve become more lazy in a lot of aspects in my life, which I think is partly due to being physically lazy.

I’ve been craving exercise recently but have been daunted in starting a fitness journey. I used to be very fit but I feel like I’m starting back at square one, which is a bit scary. It’s quite hard to only be able to run for 10 minutes now when I used to be able to do it for 50 minutes. I want to get back to the fit self I used to be, and I’m starting now. I’m planning on doing updates on here every other week, letting you know how it is going, the progress I’ve made and also the mistakes I will undoubtedly make. I hope you find it interesting, and maybe we can go through it together.

My goal is not necessarily weight loss but to just feel better overall, physically and mentally. I’m not changing my diet in any way; I am happy with the way I eat and I think that I eat in a healthy balanced way. I’m not focussing on the numbers whatsoever; I don’t even own a scale so I can’t tell you what my current weight is.

I’ve decided to start working out again in a variety of ways. I would love to join a gym but at the moment I am unemployed and living in London, meaning that I’m trying to save any money I can. So for now, I’m going to be sticking to free exercise options. There’s three main ways in which I plan to lead a more active lifestyle:

  1. Morning stretches (every morning): I want to get in the habit of taking a few minutes each morning to stretch properly. This includes some yoga moves for my back and general leg and arm stretches. Not only does this wake me up but it’s also a great way to activate the body and stay limber.
  2. Abdominal exercises/squats (5x a week): There’s many quick exercises you can do to tone different areas of your body. For the moment I’m focussing on my abdominal muscles and leg muscles through doing different ab workouts as well as squats. I’ve been doing these when I need a break from work: you can do a quick ab routine in under 10 minutes and so it’s a great way to get some quick exercise in. I’m currently doing crunches, heel taps, leg raises, planking and sit ups.
  3. Workout video (3/4x a week): For the main bulk of my exercise routine I’ve decided to do workout videos. In the past I have always loved doing gym classes so following a workout video is a great alternative to that. I like to do dance workouts (such as zumba) as well as yoga and pilates. All the videos I follow are from YouTube and they’re usually around 30 minutes long. Once I’ve found some that I really like I’ll definitely share them with you.

Let me know if you have any tips for starting a fitness journey; any advice would be useful!

Hoije ❤


8 thoughts on “My Fitness Journey: The Start.

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  2. Dont be to strict with yourself, have small goals and then set new goals. These keep you motivated everytime you reach it! im cheering for you 😀 My page is if you want some tips. I just started a blog, so i can share my tips, foodies and workouts to others who wants to start with fitness 😀

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  4. Good luck with your journey! My advice is stick at it and you will see the results! Once you have seen them you will just carry on from there! I have recently started a blog and have posted about my gym motivation which might help you! 😊 good luck! You can do it!


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