My Favourite At-Home Workout Videos: My Fitness Journey (Update #2).

I’m so excited to share this post with you today! If you’ve been following my blog for a little while now you’ll now that I recently embarked on a fitness journey. To sum it up, I wanted to get active again and feel good in my body. There is one catch though; I didn’t want to spend any money doing it. I’m happy to report that I’m still going strong and feeling great, and I’ve done it all without spending a dime. I’ve mainly been using at-home workout videos. There are a ton out there, but I’ve found a few gems that I feel are so successful at making me sweat, toning my body and making me feel great.

Today I’m sharing those favourites with you. I’ve picked a whole range of exercise videos because one thing I’ve learned on this fitness journey is that it’s all about balance. I like to concentrate on different parts of my body every time I exercise, and so these workout videos I’m sharing with you all have a different focus. Here they are:


I’ve been loving yoga recently, and this particular flow is great in that it makes me sweat and relaxes me at the same time. Adriene’s channel, Yoga With Adriene, is amazing; I have been following her for a while and have tried out so many of her yoga flows. Definitely one of my favourite ‘workout’ channels out there.


I struggled to find an effective cardio workout video for a long time, until I found this one. It going to make you sweat and burn in a whole lot of places. I always feel great after doing this workout! Popsugar Fitness has a massive selection of great workout videos; most of the ones I’m featuring today are from them.


I have always loved Zumba and so I wanted to find a great dance at-home workout, and this is the one! It’s fun but really makes you work, I’m always sweating towards the end.


This pilates-based workout is amazing for your legs, but and abs. You end up doing so many squats; I always struggle with climbing the stairs the next day.

Bound to make you sweat

If you’re looking for a workout that is going to make you properly sweat, look no further. This is a high-intensity workout that’s so effective. Plus, the instructor is great and really keeps you going throughout the whole thing!

Fast but effective

Last but not least, I wanted to share these 2 quick workout videos. I know they’re old, but they’re so effective. I like to do these when I’m busy (or lazy…) but still want to get a workout in. Don’t be fooled, you will burn, even in just 8 minutes.

I hope you find this post useful! Let me know if you have a favourite at-home workout video; I’d love to try it out.

Hoije ❤

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