Getting Back Into Working Out After The Holiday Period: My Fitness Journey (Update #3)

Hello! It’s been a while, I know. As most of us, I got a bit caught up in the holiday period and lost track of time. I didn’t only lose track of time though; I also lost track of my fitness routine and goals. That’s what I want to talk about in this post, as well as sharing my tips for getting back into it.

Before I went on holiday, I was very happy and comfortable in my fitness routine. I stretched elaborately every morning, I worked out at home (check out my favourite at-home workouts here!) at least three times a week and overall, I just felt healthy and happy. And then I went on holiday. I went to Oman and although it was an active holiday filled with lots of hiking and swimming, I completely lost my fitness routine. I didn’t stretch in the morning at all, and I think I did a short yoga flow once. Now, to be fair, holiday is for relaxing and so I was expecting and totally okay with letting go of my fitness routine for a bit. On top of that, I got extremely ill whilst in Oman and so at the time, rest was definitely something my body needed. After Oman though, my fitness routine was still absent, but this time without excuse.

I headed to the Netherlands after Oman to celebrate the last bits of Christmas as well and New Years, and to spend some time with family. In the Netherlands, I had no excuse not to start my fitness routine again. We have our own apartment there so I had plenty of space to do at-home workouts, and my days were really not filled with many exciting plans, so time also wasn’t the issue. The only reason I wasn’t working out was laziness, and a lack of routine. In London, I have a routine which includes working out and stretching, so it comes pretty naturally to me when I’m here. But as soon as I leave, and my routine gets messed up, it seems that fitness goes out of the window.

I’m not mad about it though, I had a great holiday period. I’m definitely kicking myself now a little, just because it seems that my flexibility and fitness level is back at square one, but that’s okay, I can get it all back. I don’t want any feelings of guilt associated with not working out. I work out for myself and because I enjoy it and like seeing my progress, but it’s also okay to not work out for a while. I think establishing a healthy relationship with working out is so important, and it’s why I wanted to share this post today.

Now for my tips on how to get back into a fitness routine after a few weeks of doing nothing. These tips are pretty straight forward, but they’ve definitely helped me:

  • Routine. Like I mentioned earlier in this post, the main reasons I, and I assume many people, let go of their fitness regimen is because they get out of the routine. So getting back into it is pretty simple; get it back into your routine. As soon as I came back to London I forced myself to start stretching in the morning again, and to start with my at-home workouts. The first few were hard, but I quickly got back into it.
  • Think back. Another thing that really motivated me to get back into my fitness routine is thinking back to how I felt when I was regularly working out. I felt great, and I want to get that feeling back again. So just take a few moments to think back to those moments, and use those memories to motivate you to get back to working out.
  • Ease into it. You don’t need to get back into your fitness routine at full speed straight away. Chances are your body needs to get used to it again, so be kind to yourself. Maybe start with fewer workouts a week, or shorter ones. Build up to the fitness level you were at before and remember to be patient with yourself.

That’s it for this post, I hope it was helpful and motivating to anyone in a similar situation as me! Let me know in the comments if you’re struggling with your fitness routine post-holidays too, and what you’re doing to get back on track.

Hoije ❤

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  1. Oh wow !! You wrote my mind out, I was also home in India for all December and lost track of my fitness routine only out of laziness, but now coming back to California, everything is same as old times. It was a great break with no guilt associated. Loved my holidays.

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