5 Inspiring Podcasts about Ethical and Sustainable Living

It can be hard to find time to research and read about topics related to ethical and sustainable living. Especially when you are just new to this journey, the amount of information can be a little overwhelming. Podcasts are a great way to learn more and get inspired, and they don’t have to take up too much of your time. You can listen during your commute to work, whilst you are working out or when you have a quick moment during your day. There is a large variety of ethical and sustainable living podcasts out there; here are a few of my favourites. 

Conscious Chatter

For all things ethical and sustainable fashion, you have to listen to Conscious Chatter. The podcast focusses on the impact of our fashion choices and explores how we can made a positive change in the garment industry. There are over 130 episodes, many of which include interesting interviews with people in the sustainable fashion industry. Wether you are just starting to learn about the garment industry, or want to delve into deeper topics; Conscious Chatter is bound to have episodes perfect for you.

The Minimalists Podcast

If you’re interested in pursuing minimalism as part of your ethical and sustainable living journey, there is no better podcast to listen to than The Minimalists podcast. Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus are ‘The Minimalists’, and with years of experience, they have lots of knowledge to share. The are over 148 episodes to listen to, covering topics from decluttering to relationships to consumerism. Pretty much anything related to minimalism, these two experts will cover it, and in an accessible and easy to listen to way.

Green Dreamer

The Green Dreamer podcast looks at sustainability in all aspects of life; from fashion to recycling to social events. The podcast is hosted by Kaméa Chayne and regularly has inspiring guests on, such as UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador Adrian Grenier and indigenous environmental activist Xiuhtezcatl Martinez. This podcast is great for anyone looking to make an active change in their lives in the realm of sustainable and ethical living. Kaméa interviews a lot of sustainable entrepreneurs who give great advise to those looking to start their own businesses in the sustainable living sector.


Topics surrounding ethical and sustainable living can be pretty intense at times, which is why Sustainababble is a must-listen for anyone navigating the lifestyle. The podcast slogan is: “a weekly podcast about the environment, for and by the confused”. Hosts Ol and Dave explore confusing topics around the environment and sustainability, hoping to get a little closer to understanding. Some previous topics include solar power, organic farming and periods. There are over 116 episodes out there, and they’re a great listen on days where you want to consume something a little lighter.

The Sustainability Agenda

For a more formal and researcher point of view on sustainability, The Sustainability Agenda is the way to go. Each episode is hosted by Fergal Byrne, a researcher and writer with over 20 years experience in the sector, who interviews a variety of leading sustainability thinkers. The episodes can be an intense listen, and they are quite research-heavy, but they offer some amazing insight into sustainability topics. There are currently 55 episodes available; the latest few looking at sustainable cities and sustainable agriculture.

Give these podcasts a try and see which ones suit you best. Get ready to learn and be inspired; happy listening!

This post was originally written by me for the Uncaptive Co blog, see here: https://www.uncaptive.co.uk/blog/2018/10/1/inspiring-podcasts-about-ethical-and-sustainable-living

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