5 Books You Have to Read on your Ethical Journey

There are many great way to learn more about environmentalism, sustainable fashion, veganism, minimalism; anything related to living in a more ethical fashion. One of my personal favourite ways to learn more about the topic is through reading. Books can offer us so much knowledge, and it allows us a technology-free learning opportunity. This summer, spend some time outside in the sun reading some of these amazing books. 

This Changes Everything – Naomi Klein 

Climate change is a tricky topic; there are so many opinions and scientific studies out there, it can be hard to figure out exactly what climate change is, and how it is impacting our world. In her book, Naomi Klein takes the time to dissect statements made about climate change in the mainstream media. She focuses on the economic reasons why some deny climate change and makes clear that in order for positive change to happen, we have to drastically change course. It is an intense but extremely interesting read.

Animal Liberation – Peter Singer 

This book, originally published in 1975, is a must-read classic for those interested in the ethical reasons behind veganism. The book has been widely read amongst the animal liberation movement because Singer argues that animals are able to experience suffering, just like us humans, meaning that they too deserve rights. The term ‘speciesism’ comes up often in the book, as Singer believes this is the reason for today’s exploitation of animals. The book is packed with many scientific and philosophical arguments, so give yourself some time to get through it properly. No doubt, the book will leave you with many questions and revelations in regards to the treatment of animals in the modern world.

Slave to Fashion – Safia Minney

Have you ever wondered who made your clothes? Ethical fashion is becoming a more talked about issue, and for those who want to learn more, ‘Slave to Fashion’ is a great place to start. The book is comprised of interviews with the people who have have been caught up in making cheap clothes for our high streets; a form of slavery. You will read their stories and understand how harrowing their experiences are. Minney also offers a positive perspective, sharing the success stories of fashion brands who have adopted ethical manufacturing practices, showing that it is very much possible. The book is engaging and educational and will leave you a lot more knowledgable on the issue of fast fashion.

Everything That Remains – Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus

Joshua and Ryan are better known as ‘The Minimalists’; two amazing guys who have talked about minimalism and it’s benefits for many years. In their memoir ‘Everything That Remains’, they share their story. They explore why they chose to pursue a minimalist lifestyle, and the many benefits that come with it. They don’t only focus on material minimalism, but being a minimalist with everything in life. It is a fascinating story and perfect for anyone interesting in living in a more minimalist way. If you enjoy it, make sure to also check out their book ‘Essential: Essays by The Minimalists, which is a great selection of short essays on the topic of minimalism.

Change of Heart – Nick Cooney

If you are a little further along on your ethical journey and are interested in activism, I highly suggest ‘Change of Heart’. Cooney, a renowned animal rights activist, shares research on the topic of advocacy, and explores how we can persuade people to alter their behaviour, focussing on issues such as sustainability, environmentalism and veganism. The book is packed with empirical research, so it’s not exactly a light read, but it is an essential read for any aspiring activist.

I hope you’ve found these recommendation useful and enjoy reading some of these great books. Happy reading!

This post was originally written by me for the Uncaptive Co blog, see here: https://www.uncaptive.co.uk/blog/2018/7/5/5-books-on-ethical-living

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