7 Days, 7 Tips: Budget Travel #7 (Track Your Spending).

It's already the final post of this series; it's gone so fast! I thought I would keep one of my best tips for last; keep track of your spending. Now, if you a listing fanatic like me, this might come natural to you. I love to make "to do" lists, to keep track of pretty... Continue Reading →

7 Days, 7 Tips: Budget Travel #6 (Go Local).

It's the weekend! I'll keep today's tip quick, as I'm sure you've got some exciting things you want to do this weekend. Today I want to discuss using local services as much as possible when you travel, and why it will save you money. Want a coffee? Head to a local café, not Starbucks. Need... Continue Reading →

7 Days, 7 Tips: Budget Travel Week.

My 7 Days, 7 Tips series is back! If you're new here you might have not heard of it, but it's pretty straightforward. For 7 consecutive days I'm giving you 7 tips on a certain topic. I've done this twice before, on the topics of anxiety and exam stress. I really enjoy writing these posts... Continue Reading →

7 Days, 7 Tips: Exam Stress Tip #5

Exam Stress Tip #5: Change Your Scenery. Libraries get boring, especially if you have to spend the majority of your time in them week in week out during exam period. This sense of boredom can blow over into your actual revision, and once you're bored of revision, the stress levels start to rise. The solution:... Continue Reading →

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