Trying The Vegan Boxed Cake Mix Hack (Spoiler: It Worked!).

So a few days ago I was watching a YouTube video (this one by The Vegan Voyager) about vegan cake hacks. One of the hacks was mixing a fizzy drink with boxed cake mix to create a cake. Now,  I was a little sceptical, it just seemed way too good to be true. But I... Continue Reading →

Easy Vegan Granola Recipe.

Crunchy, sweet, filling, delicious; I think we can all agree that granola is pretty amazing. I love adding it to my smoothie bowls or having it on it's own as a snack.  Now, let me tell you, it's really not that easy to find vegan granola at a regular grocery store. Often times there's honey... Continue Reading →

Easy Four Ingredient Vegan Scones.

Scones; who doesn't love them? When I moved to the UK four years ago, I was obsessed with them and would often drag my friends to cute café's for afternoon tea, just so that I could devour some amazing scones. Weirdly enough I never tried to make them myself back then, but a few weeks... Continue Reading →

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