The Reason I Don’t Wear Makeup Anymore.

About two years ago, when I was travelling during my gap year, I decided to go 100% makeup free. At the time, I had several reasons for doing this. Firstly, I wanted to better the condition of my skin. I never wore much makeup, but I got into the habit of wearing foundation daily, which... Continue Reading →

The Reason I Have Not Weighed Myself In 4 Years.

To tell you the truth, I was planning on publishing a completely different post today (a travel diary of my recent trip to the Philippines, which will be up soon!), but I've been thinking about this topic a lot recently and felt passionate to write about it. I want to talk a little bit about... Continue Reading →

No Makeup Month: Halfway Update.

Hey there, I'm still here! I've spent the past week and a bit pretty much wifi-less on Gili Air (a island that stole my heart, but there will be a whole other blog post on that!) and so have not been able to blog. The hiatus from Internet and social media was nice, but I'm... Continue Reading →

No Makeup Month.

A few days ago when packing for my one month trip to Bali, I purposely didn't pack any makeup. I want to challenge myself to wear zero makeup for a month, and potentially forever. I know that for some makeup is a form of personal expression or art, but it was never like that for... Continue Reading →


***I'm warning you in advance: this post is a bit of a ramble!*** Today, I headed into town to buy some business-appropriate clothes. I am starting an internship in two weeks and needed some new outfits, in particular, I needed a smart black skirt. I went to several stores, tried on several styles, and finally... Continue Reading →

No Makeup Travel.

As you are reading this, I am on my Easter holiday travels. I'm going on two separate trips: first I'm going on a trip through Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, and Greece. My second trip will be a hiking trip to Scotland. I will be gone for about two and a half weeks, and for this time... Continue Reading →

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