5 Books You Have to Read on your Ethical Journey

There are many great way to learn more about environmentalism, sustainable fashion, veganism, minimalism; anything related to living in a more ethical fashion. One of my personal favourite ways to learn more about the topic is through reading. Books can offer us so much knowledge, and it allows us a technology-free learning opportunity. This summer,... Continue Reading →

Hogwarts In Real Life.

Taken at: Erfurt, Germany, 2015. *This beautiful cathedral couldn't help but remind me of Hogwarts. I read all the Harry Potter books when I was younger and this was how I would imagine Hogwarts looking in my mind.

Anxiety Tips Round-Up.

Last week I published 7 tips on how to deal with anxiety, as part of my "7 Days 7 Tips" series. I really enjoyed sharing my experiences with you guys, and hope that it was of help to some of you! If you didn't get a chance to check my blog each day, here is... Continue Reading →

7 Days, 7 Tips: Anxiety Tip #2

Anxiety Tip #2: Self-help books. For those who like to read, self-help books can be a useful way to sooth your anxiety. Personally I have had mixed encounters with self-help books. I find that some are written in a very methodological way, not helping me much. They seem to be more focused on how I... Continue Reading →

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