My Top Cheap Room Decor Tips + DIY Ideas.

I'm really excited for this post, because I am actually really happy with my room and how I decorated it on a budget. Before I start I think it's useful for me to tell you a bit about the room and my style. So I live in London, on a student budget, meaning that my... Continue Reading →

What I Ate Wednesday: Vegan (#14)

It's Wednesday, and seeing as I haven't posted a What I Ate Wednesday in over two months, I though it was time for another one. I'm currently in my final few weeks of University lectures, meaning that I have lots of deadlines in a very short amount of time. In other words, I'm spending most... Continue Reading →

Money Saving Tips: Food.

I recently moved to London, and whilst there are many things I love about this city, there are also a few downsides. One main one being money; everything is just so EXPENSIVE! I knew before moving here that my weekly budget would have to increase by quite a bit, but it's still a shock to... Continue Reading →

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