The Ultimate Vegan Guide To Singapore.

I've been in Singapore for a few months now, and I couldn't leave without sharing my ultimate vegan guide to this marvellous place. During my time here I tried out plenty of vegan places, and while there's still many more to be discovered, I feel like sampled enough to write this guide. So below are... Continue Reading →

Nakd Bars Review.

As a student I often rely on granola bars and the sort to snack on in between lectures and seminars. When I went vegan, I couldn't eat most of the bars I used to enjoy, due to ingredients like milk chocolate and honey. I went to Holland & Barrett in the hopes of finding some... Continue Reading →

My Problem With IIFYM.

**Let me start of by saying that I'm not trying to criticize anyone's diet. The food that you eat is a very personal matter, and I am in no way qualified to judge whether it is right or not. What I'm about to say is just my opinion, nothing more.** This morning I woke up... Continue Reading →

10 Thing To Know About Going Vegan.

It's been 3 weeks since my diet became 100% vegan, and I have learned some things. So today I thought I would share 10 things to know about going vegan, based on my recent experience. Let me know if you can relate to anything, or if you had a completely different experience, I would love... Continue Reading →

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