Earth Day: How to Start Reducing Your Plastic Consumption Today.

Today, April 22nd, is Earth Day. It is a day to interact with the Earth and environmentalism and it is there to remind us that we must protect Mother Earth. The focus of this year's Earth Day is plastic; specifically, the theme is called End Plastic Pollution. Our plastic consumption, especially single-use plastic, is immense... Continue Reading →

My 2 Year Veganniversary.

A few weeks ago, February 16th to be exact, marked two years since I went vegan, my veganniversary. I wanted to reflect on those two years in this blog post, because I think I learnt a lot along the way. I still remember the day that I decided to try veganism; I was tired of... Continue Reading →

Trash I Found On The Beach.

The past two months I've been to various beaches in Thailand. I've enjoyed the fine sand, the warm sea and the relaxed atmosphere one experiences at the beach. However, I have also realised there is a very ugly side to the beach and the sea, a ugliness we humans have created. Trash gets washed up... Continue Reading →

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