Fairytale Bridge.

Taken at: Killarney National Park, Ireland, 2015. I took this picture a year ago, on my first solo trip to Ireland. When I looked at this picture again I was instantly transported back to the beautiful and slightly magical Killarney National Park. I stumbled upon this bridge when I took a detour form the main... Continue Reading →

The Solo Travel Series: Ireland (Dublin + The Journey Back + Final Thoughts).

Watching the sunset over Ireland while travelling back to Wales on the ferry.  I have completed my first solo trip! I got back from Ireland on Sunday, and since then I have been busy packing up and moving out of my Cardiff home. I now finally have some time to write about my final few... Continue Reading →

The Solo Travel Series: Ireland (Killarney).

  Killarney National Park had so many gorgeous features, like Torc Waterfall. I've just finishing the first leg of my journey: Killarney. The place itself, particularly Killarney National Park, has been amazing. I've hiked 30km's on both days that I've been here, so that has kept me occupied. The scenery is breathtaking, and I've been... Continue Reading →

The Solo Travel Series: Ireland .

Tomorrow, I am getting on a bus and heading to Ireland for 8 days. On my own. This will be the first time I'm going on a trip on my own, and I feel both excited and anxious about it. Although at the moment, the anxious feelings are overshadowing everything else. It was a big... Continue Reading →

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