The Gnomes House.

Taken at: Te Anau, New Zealand, 2014. Was anyone else told fairy tales when they were young that said that gnomes live in these types of mushrooms? Whenever I went on walks and saw a red mushrooms speckled with white I believed that there was a gnome family living inside. Obviously I've grown up from... Continue Reading →

Stacking Stones at Lake Tekapo.

I've always loved the sight of stacked stones. While I'm rubbish at balancing more than three rocks on each other myself, others leave their masterpieces for all to see. I don't know what attracts me to stacked stones, some people probably think that it's nothing special. I however love the shapes stacked stones create, sometimes... Continue Reading →

New Zealand Through Instagram.

I have been gone for a bit and have not managed to update my blog. My excuse? I was preoccupied by exploring beautiful New Zealand. I am planning some future posts to talk more in depth about my travels, but I thought to start it all off, I though I would share some of my... Continue Reading →

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