Anxiety At The Gym.

Am I wearing the right sporting gear? Am I using this weight machine wrong? Am I running too slow? Should I be lifting heavier weights? Do I look stupid on this exercise machine? These are questions that run through my head while I am at the gym. I rejoined the gym this week, and have... Continue Reading →

7 Days, 7 Tips: Anxiety Tip #5

Anxiety Tip #5: Go Outside. This tip is my favorite to implement. I love being outside, and if I could hike as a job I would apply this instant. I love leaving all my electronics at home, and just going for a walk. I often spend my Saturday's hiking for the full day, and I... Continue Reading →

Just Give Up.

Yes, I said it. Just give up. It's not something year hear every day. Usually, when you are faced with a problem, people respond with things like "don't give up!", "it will get better" or "just keep working at it". In some way's, I agree with these statements. If you are having a tough time... Continue Reading →

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